How to Clean and Maintain Your Vape Devices

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It is always a joy to get your new vaping device from vape shop Montreal, and if you are like most people, the urge to vape is always endearing. To use a vaping device instead of smoking is a great idea that will not just save your health, but also will save you lots of money in the long run. But just like any other tool, proper care and maintenance are necessary if you want to get the most from your vaping devices. This includes cleaning them. Unfortunately, not so many people understand how to clean and maintain their vape devices, let alone why they need to do it.

Though the content of your vape juice may not stain the equipment, that doesn’t mean it is dirt-free, so you still need to clean it. With time, the residue will start to accumulate on the device, and if a buildup is allowed, the residue will have an impact on the performance of the device. Remember, vaping juices contain oils, flavors and sometimes sweeteners, which may disintegrate during the heating process to give rise to residues. It is such residues that you have to learn how to clean, so that you can have your device working properly, in tip top condition at all times.

Understanding the components of a typical vaping device

Before you understand how to clean your vape devices, it is vital that you first understand the anatomy of such devices. This is how you will know the various components, and how to dismantle and reassemble the device for easy cleaning.

A typical vaping device from any vape store will have three major components. They include:

The tank – vape devices usually hold e-liquids. It is the tank that is responsible for holding that liquid, and in most cases, you may find the tank bundled up with the atomizer in a single unit.

The Coil – your vaping device must have a source of heat, designed to heat up the liquid. The coil is always the heating element that will provide the heat needed to convert the e-liquid into vapor.

The battery – this is the power source for the entire unit. Some battery models in some vapors may have voltage and temperature controls to give you more control over the heating process. With most models of vape modes, the battery will always be part and parcel of the housing unit.

Kindly note that you will not be cleaning all the parts of the vaping device. Your main focus will always be on the tank and coils. The battery or the heating mechanism doesn’t require any form of cleaning.

How to clean the vape tank

The first step towards cleaning your vape tank is to remove the coils, and then dismantle the tank components apart. Take note of how the components fit together, so that you don’t get confused when reassembling the tank. Once you have taken the tank apart, there are various cleaning methods you can employ. However, here are the most effective and the most preferred methods:

The standard rinse

This method is recommended if your tank is relatively clean, warm and works properly, especially if you use just a single brand or flavor of e-liquid. Start by removing the tank components apart, and then place each item under running water. Dry every piece in a paper towel, and then allow them to dry in the open air until they have no condensation or water left. You can then reassemble the components. However, if you haven’t cleaned your tank in a while, another step may be necessary for better results. If this is the case, dismantle the tank. Then, place all the components in a cup or bowl full of water. Place the cup or bowl in a microwave for about two minutes. Remove the contents from the cup and give them one last rinse after they cool down before finally drying them with a paper towel.

The PG Rinse

With this method, propylene glycol is used instead of water. This is a highly recommended method if you want to get rid of leftover flavors.

The ultrasonic cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is for those who need a thorough cleaning of their vape tanks. It is the same method used for cleaning jewelry and precious metals, though there are now solutions specifically designed for vape gear. With the cleaner, all you have to do is to fill it up with water, and then let it run until all the parts are cleaned to your satisfaction.

How to clean rebuildable coils

The second type of coils are the rebuildable coils. Cleaning them is as simple as light dry burning them, if they are still new. But if you have done that a couple of times, then you may have to place them under running water and then brush them lightly using a coil cleaning tool or a normal toothbrush. After that, rinse them and conclude by a short dry burn to get rid of any water droplets.

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